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Cycle of prayer

October        The ordinands and all who attend college courses and gatherings

November     The staff of the college

December      Northern College, Manchester; Westminster College, Cambridge and the Windermere Centre – our

                     fellow resource centres for learning

January          The universities of Scotland and all other places of learning within the nation

February        The United Reformed Church and in particular its synod of Scotland with whom we are in educational

                     partnership; the moderator of synod, the synod officers and members of the development team;

                     ministers, elders and congregations

March            The Congregational Federation and Congregational churches

April               The Scottish Episcopal Church and the Methodist Church in Scotland with whom we are in

                      collaborative fellowship through the Episcopal, Methodist and United Reformed partnership

May               The College Management committee, the college officers and the trustees of the Baxter Trust

June               The work of vocations

The college community is a wide one – the staff and ordinands and those who govern the college are but part of that community. But the community is wider still — those who share in the Wednesday programme or attend day courses and events or retreats or residential gatherings; ministers and lay preachers who receive grants for continuing education; committees that draw on the educational expertise of the college… Indeed the whole synod with whom we are in educational partnership shares in the life of the college.

Of course, we don’t all gather together in one place that often. Wanting to find ways in which we can express that sense of community, we invite those who belong in whatever way to the college fellowship to join with us in regular prayer. On Wednesdays, those who come together for those classes will worship at 12.30 on those days. You can see where we are from the programme – you’re welcome to join us if you are able.

To include as many as possible, however, we invite you to join with us wherever you are for a few moments. Offer this short college prayer and remember those that we particularly pray for in that month (see below)


Gracious God,

Creator of humanity in the divine image

Teacher of what is loving and just and peaceful

Fountain of all truth and wisdom and grace;

Holy Trinity, expressing deepest community,

Grant your blessing to our College

Prosper us in our search for knowledge and wisdom

Nurture all who gather to share in learning together

Fill each and all with a longing to be true disciples

That the world to whom we are sent may know the abundant life

To which we are called. Amen.