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Jack Dyce, now our Professor of Nordic Theology in the College, recently delivered a paper at an Edinburgh University conference on Thinking about Mythology in the 21st Century.

His talk focused on how contemporary narratives seem to echo the ancient Norse myths. Today, Scandinavian crime fiction stories of struggles against international corporate business corruption and abuse of power mirror the old Nordic mythological battles between the gods and the giants. At stake, then and now, is the defence of order and justice in the face of powerful chaos-causing forces and the mythic Ragnarok, the Norse image of the ultimate battle, alerts us that even the world’s survival may be in contention.

Jack commented “I enjoyed hugely the opportunity, with a diverse academic audience, to bring into dialogue today’s Nordic Noir and the ancient tales of Scandinavia. For me, this way of allowing different perspectives and strands to stimulate our imaginations and to nourish creative exchange lies at the very heart of our College’s way of working.”

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Revd Dr Jack Dyce